Artis Bugil Wiwid Gunawan


Wiwid Gunawan
Film bokep not entirely, has no benefit. For Wiwid Gunawan acting star, the film 'forbidden' is credited with giving inspiration to explore great acting. So the actress who recently starred in the movie THE ISLAND OF GHOSTS are admitted often enjoy even collect.
"I saw the film bokep, I see right expresinya," he said in a press conference at the Baleza, Permata Hijau,
The collection is derived from browsing on the Internet and from friends nearby. If there's a new movie that has not had, do not hesitate to invite him to exchange collections.

Previous owner's full name Sapta Pertiwi Rujuniarti this ever come starred contract marriage, to his role as Tea Euis, a sexy widow passionately. Not far from the first movie, it plays back Wiwid flirtatious female character and indulgence. In his role this time, Wiwid throughout the scene had to wear a bikini.
However, because the profession demands it do not bother, even with that role, he was awarded the women's section.

"Really I was initially uncomfortable, but I promote professionalism," said the woman was born June 21, 1984. "Comfortable, convenient aja, aja as a woman feel sexy," he added.

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