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Yasmine Wildblood
Yasmine Wildblood Biography :

Yasmine Wildblood is an Indonesian actress who was born with the name Yasmine Leeds Wildblood on March 11, 1993 from the couple different nationalities. Michael Brian Wildblood (UK) and Anita Siregar (Indonesia).

Yasmine Wildblood career in the entertainment world began in 2008, with a model of the video clip Nidji, a band that is quite famous in Indonesia, for their song titled Arti Sahabat.

After becoming a model, Yasmine Wildblood name becoming known as an actor in several TV dramas. Interestingly, since his first television movie LOVE Bodyguard, Yasmine has become a leading role.

Not only FTV, Yasmine also started to continue his career in acting by playing the character on the soap opera Juwita LIA. Yasmin also starred in the film striping Cinta dan Anugerah and act as Aira.

In 2009, Yasmine Wildblood is also a model for the band's music video for their song Fleet Owner entitled Heart.

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