ABG SPG Hot dan Nakal


What's in your mind when hear the word SPG (Sales Promotion Girl)? Beautiful, gorgeous body, and may 'be used' by the men philanderer. But who would have thought, SPG many naive and innocent.
"I admit there are a lot of negative opinions from outside sources if SPG is 'can be used'. Some say that they like to have fun man invited a philanderer. But, still a lot of really clean SPG. Even many innocent and naive, "said Ella Serdani, coordinator of the EO NZN SPG Honda when found in IIMS .
Naive form, according to Ella, seen from the number of SPG are still accompanied by a parent at work. Not only that, they often confide problems to Ella's romance.
"They are still a lot of really who accompanied their parents at work. In fact, if there is a problem with their boyfriends, they confide in you, "said Ella.
This behavior is assessed Ella quite reasonable because the average SPG which he watched a dozen years old. "Naturally. They're a lot younger. The term has not been polluted, "said Ella, laughing.
The same thing also shared by Vicky Wibisono of EO Comrade who hold supervisory control SPG Mitsubishi. "Until now, we SPG nothing strange, even outside office hours we can no longer control. But definitely, we have to remind them to keep the behavior because it represents the company's image, "says Vicky.
Vicky even sometimes get a message from the parents to keep their child's SPG. "Their parents like menitip messages for babysitting them. Understandably, most too young. Not all SPG was naughty really. There are still many women who work in this area has a smooth character, "said Vicky. 


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